This repack has issues, and will be re-repacked soon. Look below for more info.

Password: gnarly

Kingdom Hearts III + ReMind (ENG Audio/Movies only)

DDL: Mediafire/Pixeldrain

Japanese movies/audio (Japanese.bin) – 17.9 GB

DDL: Mediafire


Standalone Japanese Audio/Movie addon / Remind DLC issue

It seems that without ALL the Japanese/Asian components, the game just locks out access to Remind. This is a standalone installer for those files, so just change the install directory to where your KH3 install location is. This is for people who already have KH3 installed. In the future, I will probably try and fix this repack. For those who want to install the game now, just grab the Japanese.bin and use it with the main installer, or install it later when you beat the game.

DDL: Pixeldrain

You can also use the Mediafire upload, just drop over this setup to make it a standalone installer for the Japanese content. This Pixeldrain upload just has the setup already included.