Street Fighter 6 – Closed Beta (Versus Beta Mod) [Gnarly Repacks] [9.82 GB]


Street Fighter 6 – Closed Beta (Versus Beta Mod) [Gnarly Repacks]

Password: gnarly

DDL: Mediafire/1F/KF

How To Play

  • After the game boots, which can take up to a minute, you will see the mod menu appear on the left corner. Scroll down to ScriptGeneratedUI, expand it, and you can choose your character, CPU character and other things.
  • Press Start Tutorial mode and play

Fallout – Tale Of Two Wastelands (v.3.2.2) [Gnarly Repacks] [11 GB]


Fallout – Tale Of Two Wastelands [Gnarly Repacks]

Password: gnarly

DDL: Mediafire/1F/KF/DD

Post-Install Instructions

*copied from NFO*

After install, there some minimal setup required for TTW to launch.

  • Once installed, a Mod Organizer 2 shortcut will be created on your desktop. Run it.
  • On the instance page, choose the portable instance option
  • When it asks you to select a game to manage, choose TTW.
  • When it asks for the folder where the data should be stored, It should automatically be set as the MO2 folder from the install directory. If it isn’t, change it to that.
  • Once MO2’s main window opens, select TTW from the drop-down menu, and now you can play the game (If just NV’s launcher appears, wait for it to read your setup, press okay, then close it and re-launch TTW – it shouldn’t do this, but just in case.)

You can also create a desktop shortcut for TTW in MO2 if you don’t want to manually launch it through MO2.

SIDE NOTE: This OVERRIDES any NV registries and any .ini’s found in the “My Games” folder, since this repack is essentially just NV with TTW already installed. If you already have an install of NV, it won’t work properly after you install this repack unless you revert the registries to pin-point back to your own NV install.