I am getting malware warning from Virustotal/Windows Defender! Are you really safe?

I get this asked all the time, and no matter what I say, it keeps getting asked. Yes, these repacks are safe, and yes, they usually get picked up as false positives. This is because AVs will target cracked files as unsafe, so it’s normal for them to pop up with a bunch of warnings. The other issue is that custom .exes I make also pop up as false positives. This is because I don’t sign them with a digital signature, which many AVs expect something to have to be considered “safe”.  These custom .exes are usually for the emulator-based repacks, but sometimes I will make my own .exe shortcuts for PC games if I want to have custom icon art, or have specific launch parameters to make things easy.

It doesn’t help when there are people on Reddit outside of r/piratedgames who, for some reason, are randomly vague on whether I am considered “safe” or not, which drives a lot of people away. If you ever see this happen outside of r/piratedgames, please clarify with them that I am actually legit.

How do I download your repacks? What hosts do you upload to?

To download any of the repacks here, all you really have to do is just click one of the host uploads that are provided, which are now currently UploadHaven, Mediafire, Mirrorace, 1fichier, or some other hosts not mentioned, and download.

How do I download/install the split part links?

Mediafire links are usually split into parts if the game is 10+ GB, so a download manager like Jdownloader2 is recommended, and is much faster than downloading the parts by hand. Copy the links, add them into your download manager of choice, and download. Once its finished downloading, you must extract all of the parts at once. 7zip is recommended for this. After that, you can start installing the release.

How do I use IDM/JD2 with Uploadhaven?

Hotlinking protection is enabled for the Uploadhaven links here, since it protects them from being copied and pasted onto any other site. Because of this, you can’t simply copy the URL into something like JD2 and instantly download. To get around this, go to  whatever UploadHaven upload you want, and download it. Cancel it, and copy the link provided in the “here” part of the message you will see below.

Once you add it, you should be able to download it just fine.