Download wallpaper from anime Berserk with tags: Guts, High quality, Berserk


When did you start repacking?
January of 2020, but I didn’t start publicly releasing until August.

What is your avatar/PFP/character?
The avatar that I commonly associate with my repacks is Guts, from the manga Berserk. He certainly isn’t a gentleman.

What is the music you use in your installer?
I typically tend to use tracker-music (sometimes called chiptune by other people,) because it sounds very old-school, but very futuristic as well. The music as of now is Sweet dreams by Elwood, but this might change from month to month.

Do you do Linux or Mac repacks?

Where can I request a repack?
You can request a repack by joining the Discord, which you can find on on the left header.