Guts' Theme | Know Your Meme


When did you start repacking?
January of 2020, but I didn’t start publicly releasing until August. This site was created in late December of 2020.

What is your avatar/PFP/character?
The avatar that I “associate” with my repacks is Guts, from the manga Berserk. He certainly isn’t a gentleman.

What is the music you use in your installer?
I typically tend to use tracker-music (sometimes called chiptune by other people), because it sounds very old-school, but very futuristic as well. The music as of now is Sweet dreams by Elwood.

Do you do Linux or Mac repacks?

How do you repack?
Like every other person – FreeARC with a couple of precompressors. Credit’s go to the guy behind FreeARC and people behind various tools (Bulat, ProFrager, Razor12911, BLACKFIRE, etc.)