Uploading to sites other than Mediafire and UploadHaven isn’t so easy for me anymore, as they always seem to upload slower than those two sites. This is why you see some repacks with just Mediafire and Uploadhaven, and some with more hosts like 1fichier and Pixeldrain.

Some people don’t have complaints with Mediafire, as files stay up pretty long, and the download speed is decent. But there are also people who would rather use hosts like Pixeldrain, 1fichier, and Zippyshare. This is where the community can step in and be apart of these repacks. It has always been possible to apply as an uploader/reuploader, but I have never been really open about it. If you are able to take part in being an uploader/reuploader, these are list of sites that are allowed.

  • 1fichier
  • Pixeldrain
  • Zippyshare
  • KrakenFiles
  • Filecad

Of course, with sites like Filecad, Krakenfiles, and Zippyshare, you are allowed to rezip the original archive in parts so they can be uploaded to these sites. Altering any sort of repack with malicious intent, such as putting in malware/trojans/viruses in your reupload, is NOT allowed, as they will be checked.

So, what are the perks to being an uploader/reuploader?

  • You will be given a special Uploader role on the Discord server
  • Your name will be added to the greeting list of the .NFO

They aren’t much, but these 2 perks are pretty good. There won’t be much demand or bossing around if you become an uploader. You are free to upload any time you want, but you will be expected to at least reupload a handful of repacks from time to time.

Complete this form if you wish to become an uploader.
This form will close at any time, due to inactivity, or having enough uploaders.